11 June 2008

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Thanks to:

Kelly Lynn at Little Paper Planes for mentioning Thin Ice and featuring Catherine, Hilary and Serena's work here!

es mangues italiennes for featuring Zefrey, Hilary, Catherine and Serena in recent posts!

2nd Look for featuring Serena and Catherine's work!

John Casey's coverage of the recent Southern Exposure Auction featuring work by Hilary, Serena and Tracy here!

Catherine @ Paper Boat Gallery in Milwaukee

Catherine has a series of charcoal and watercolor on paper works up at Paper Boat Gallery in Milwaukee through the end of June. Read about it here. And thanks to to Meighan at My Love For You . . . for mentioning the show here!

30 April 2008

Uri included in May's JUXTAPOZ Photography Issue

Uri's photo "Three goats in Berkeley" is featured as one of 62 photographs in the May 08 photography issue.

Uri in Tim Barbers curated show at the NY Photo Festival

Uri will be in the upcoming NY Photography Festival on May 14th. Tim Barber of tinyvices.com is one of four curators, including Martin Parr, Leslie Martin of Aperture Foundation and Kathy Ryan from the New York Times Magazine asked to put together an exhibition at the very first NYPH in Brooklyn and Manhattan later this month- where two of Uri's pieces will be on view in the exhibit title "Various Photographs"- look for the book of the same title later on. Please Go!!

Uri is the new Hamburger Eyes Book "Inside BurgerWorld" & there are book releases/exhibits coming up

Uri will be included in the Los Hamgeles show for the new burgerworld book at HOPE GALLERY in Echo Park on Saturday May 6th. Please go!! And buy the book from RAY!

12 January 2008

“The Time Has Come.”
An exhibition of paintings by Billy Kroft and Tracy Timmins
The Time Has Come

Blankspace Gallery
6608 san pablo avenue
oakland, california 94608

Artist Reception: Saturday, January 19, 6-9pm
First Friday Reception: February 1, 7-10pm

Dates: January 12 - February 11, 2008

“The Time Has Come.”

Oakland artists Billy Kroft and Tracy Timmins exhibit paintings, which depict a drastic epilogue to contemporary American civilization.

Tracy Timmins paints abandoned buildings existing in familiar natural landscapes such as deserts, mountains, and rivers. The ruins have become reclaimed by the structure’s immediate surroundings.
The inhabitants appear to have been replaced by animals such as deer, wild dogs, and birds wandering around and throughout the assembled rubble. Her paintings reflect an investigation through the passage of time, which reveals hope that nature will free itself if it can survive humankind.

Billy Kroft’s apocalyptic paintings reflect the loss of the individualist amid the advancement of technology, consumerism and greed in American Society. They demonstrate his challenging convictions that we as consumers incite our own demise. The people, which appear in his paintings, are being ruled and manipulated by machines, money, and devices seemingly beyond their control.

For more information or to request a catalog (full color with introduction by Aimee Reed) contact:
Jason Byers and Kerri Johnson of blankspace gallery
email: info@blankspacegallery.com


01 December 2007

Tracy's piece from the Eleanor Harwood exhibition "ALBEDO" is mentioned with a photo on Artnet.com:

by Brian Andrews
"...For last month’s "Albedo," Sept. 29-Oct. 26, 2007, a group show considering global warming, the Eleanor Harwood Gallery invited a diverse group of artists to respond to the looming crisis. While some artists simply presented landscapes -- a rather lazy take on the issue -- several others offered insight into what is arguably one of the more challenging political, economic and environmental issues of this century. Tracy Timmins Charms to Ward off Global Warming ($350) binds various knobs and thermostats to a wire charm reminiscent of bones on a shaman’s fetish. The necklace is presented in a vitrine, as if it were to be studied as anthropological evidence of a culture past."

photo from Artnet.com

17 May 2007

re: Views @ Tinlark Gallery - - - June 2nd

Date: June 2, 2007 - June 30, 2007
The Opening Reception: Saturday June 2nd from 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM.
Tinlark Gallery
Address: Crossroads of the World 6671 Sunset Blvd. ,1512 , Hollywood , 90028
Cross Streets: Las Palmas / Highland
Phone: (323) 463-0039
Website: www.tinlark.com

Description: re:VIEWS features the work of award-winning emerging artists. Tinlark Gallery in Hollywood opens its new show, re:VIEWS, June 2, 2007 featuring artists Scott David Johnson and Catherine Ryan. Re:VIEWS, which investigates visual codes used to imply gaze, perception, and narrative, is Chicago artist Scott David Johnson’s second show with Tinlark. Johnson made his Los Angeles debut in Tinlark’s inaugural group show, MindFull, where collectors enthusiastically received Johnson’s abstracted narratives.

Re:VIEWS marks the second Tinlark exhibition for San Francisco artist Catherine Ryan. Ryan, who was included in Douglas Bullis’ 2003 Survey of West Coast Contemporary Artists, “100 Artists of the West Coast”, uses means of erasure and color to construct narratives featuring animals and humans.

In the project room, Tinlark presents the multimedia works of Megan Wilson exhibiting her installation Morning Glory. Wilson is inspired by a love of patterns and textiles and her work explores the intersections between fine art, design, architecture, and traditional crafts.

10 February 2007

Red Dot Art Fair, New York 2/23-2/26

Bucheon Gallery will be featuring work from Billy Kroft, Serena Cole, Tracy Timmins, & Zefrey Throwell at the RED DOT New York art fair.

February 23-26 2007
122 East 28th Street - NEW YORK CITY

Faithfully @ Bucheon 2/16

Tracy Timmins, Serena Cole, and Zefrey Throwell will all have work in the group exhibition Faithfully.

Bucheon Gallery
389 Grove St.
San Francisco, CA

Opening Reception: Feb. 16 2007 @ 6-8pm
Show Runs: Feb. 16 - Mar. 31

This exhibition explores religiosity. Religiosity describes the numerous aspects of religious activity, dedication, and belief, through the act of practicing certain rituals, retelling certain myths revering certain symbols or accepting certain doctrines about deities and the afterlife. The artworks in this show suggest some of the ways in which contemporary artists use the iconography and narratives of various religious beliefs in order to express their own relationship to faith. Taking images and ideas that derive from a variety of religions the artworks on display both confirm and critique the spiritual and political position that faith, from Christian fundamentalism, to New Age Spirituality, occupies in today’s society. Philosophies are questioned as ancient myths and mysticism are reworked through the critical vision of contemporary art.

At the end of this journey there is the art object. Each painting, drawing, sculpture, performance, etc. becomes a location where belief can be identified in the creation of a concrete object. The artist’s commitment to producing an artwork is an act of faith in itself. This act and the objects in the exhibition are manifestations of the daily rituals, the hope, despair, and glittering moments of transcendence that fill the lives of everybody.

Fast Forward, Rewind @ Gray Area Gallery 2/10

Hilary Pecis will have work in the group exhibition Fast Forward, Rewind

Gray Area Gallery
371 11st St., 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA

Opening Reception: Feb. 10, 2007 @ 7-12 midnight
Show Runs: Feb. 10 - Mar.2

Fast Forward / Rewind is a group installation
exhibition featuring a medley of mediums from sewn
paper to live radio transmission, psychadelic painted
landscapes and multi channel video. The show draws
conceptually upon the themes of time and technology,
from obsolete prophecies of the future to a fluid
fictional archeology. Based on a show that was
exhibited in New York in the Fall of 2006, seven
artists from east and west coasts play with spatial
and temporal planes for the Gray
Area Gallery.

Hilary Pecis in New American Paintings

Check out the new Pacific Coast Edition of New American Paintings,
Issue #67 features the artwork of Hilary Pecis.
Preview it Here.

24 January 2007

Billy Kroft- Remnants at CELLSPACE gallery

Artists recycle old magazines, street debris, snapshots, used clothing, furniture, junk wood, and more, transforming derelict remnants into memorable remnants. I gotta go with Billy Kroft here-- I liked his art carpentry before, I like it now. He elevates scrap wood by reconfiguring it into abstract angular geometric realms. Once so forlorn; now so fresh. Somebody give this dude a show. For purchase purposes, he's priced everything $285-- if I recall correctly-- eminently generous. Options include a stripped reincarnated swivelling vibra-chair that I personally tested and hereby proclaim to be a complete steal (also $285). Why I didn't buy it myself, I'll never know.
Crucible Steel Gallery at CELLspace presents:

REMNANTS II: the manipulative hand
Jan. 10th - Feb. 3rd, 2007

Reception: Thursday, Jan. 18th, 7-10pm

Lauren Anderson
Luke Butler
Kaliisa Conlon
David Huff
Billy Kroft
Carrie Minikel

curated by Matthew Searle

"Remnants" is a two-part show examining what is left over, whether it is a mark or some other trace.

In this show, each artist begins with some remnant of the past, whether it be old magazines, street debris, snapshots, used clothing, furniture, or disgarded wood. Through their investigation, they then leave behind a new sort of remnant, one that is a trace of their actions, of their manipulative hand.

Crucible Steel Gallery at CELLspace
2050 Bryant Street (at 18th)
San Francisco, CA 94110

07 January 2007

"Mind Full" @ Tinlark Gallery

6671 Sunset Blvd. #1512, Hollywood 90028
Weds.-Sat., 11am-6pm; & by app’t.

(323) 463-0039

January 13-February 24:
“Mind Full”, including Catherine Ryan, Marci Washington, Scott David Johnson, Gavin Bunner, Julianna Bright, Narangkar Khalsa, Nancy Baker Cahill, Michele Carlson.
Project Room--Shalene Valenzuela.

Gavin Bunner, Amy Jean Porter, Grant Barnhart, Andrew Au, Catherine Ryan, Scott David Johnson, Dava Costello, Laura Normandin, Ann Wood, Golden Blizzard, The Hiberts, Deb Sokolow.

03 December 2006

Art Business reviews Beast Epic

Review of Beast Epic at ArtBusiness.com
See it here .

Catherine Ryan @ Third Drawer Down Gallery

Opening Reception: December 7th 2006
exhibition runs December 7th - 23rd

Third Drawer Down Gallery
52 Robe St.
St. Kilda, Australia

Catherine will be part of Third Drawer Down Gallery's Inaugural Exhibition along with the following artists:

Royal Art Lodge (CAN)
Sarajo Frieden (USA)
Tobias Rottger (GER)
Zara Wood (UK)
Andrew Nicholls (AUS)
Carson Ellis (USA)
Cecile Belmont (FRA)
Chicks on Speed (GER)
David Wlazlo (AUS)
Edwina White (USA)
Emma Magenta (AUS)
Greg Fullerton (AUS)
Helen Johnson (AUS)
Holly Stevenson (USA)
Holly Wales (UK)
Dan Demant (AUS)
James Gallagher (USA)
Jeff Ladouceur (CAN)
Karla Pringle (AUS)
Kat Macleod (AUS)
Lilli Hartmann (UK)
Lori Jean Kirk (AUS)
Luke Best (UK)
Manon van Kuswijk (NETH)
Laetitia Bourget(FRA)

21 September 2006


FRIDAY, OCT. 6TH, 7-10pm
"The Pelican of Baffin Island"

Zefrey Throwell will be having a solo show at
Mama Buzz Gallery
Oct 6th - Oct 27th
2318 Telegraph, Oakland, CA

This is a mythical narrative I've created about a
creature called The Pelican of Baffin Island
who exercies "Nocturnal Avian Mind Control"
over the "Rabbit Youth" of Baffin Island by
mimicing the frequency of their wet dreams.

Come and be part of the epic!


"The Art of Horror"

Zefrey Throwell will be showing at
Altered Esthetics
in Minneapolis
Oct. 13- Nov. 10
1300 Quincy St. NE

This show is going to be insane.
A group show based on horror films!

20 September 2006

16 September 2006

Catherine Ryan at Third Drawer Down

Catherine Ryan's piece for Australian art project, Third Drawer Down is now available online.

Third Drawer Down has commissioned a group of international artists to create works that are then screen printed in limited edition runs of 1000 onto linen and cotton as a way of "domesticating" art.
The project
is collected by the University of Wollongong Art Gallery for the Prints and Drawings Department and will be represented by Art Box Gallery of Frankfurt at Art Cologne 2006 and exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney as part of the museum's 'Multiples' exhibition in October.

Some other artists included in the project:
David Shrigley, Carson Ellis, The Royal Art Lodge, & Margaret Morgan. . .
Check it out HERE

10 September 2006

Hamburger Eyes on Fecal Face

Uri Korn is prominently featured in John Trippe's coverage of the Hamburger Eyes show at Steven Wolf Fine Arts on fecalface.com.
See it HERE

Southwest Art's 21 under 31

Catherine Ryan is listed as one of the 21 artists under 31 to start collecting now, in Southwest Art Magazine's September cover story by Bonnie Gangelhoff.

01 September 2006

Mention in Juxtapoz

Thin Ice Collective is mentioned in a gallery spotlight piece on auto3321 in the September issue of Juxtapoz

Article in the East Bay Monthly

Timothy Buckwalter wrote a review of the "Collecting" show at auto3321 for the September issue of the East Bay Monthly.

Read it here: "Making a connection with a collection of collections at Auto3321"

29 August 2006

"LABYRINTH" Sept. 15th


Thin Ice Collective will be in this amazing downtown San Francisco art extravaganza.
TIC will be showing in the "Private Room" at:
Onsix Gallery

The theme of this exhibition will be "Apocalypse".
Some particularly dark and beautiful things will be on display for your enjoyment.

Also be sure to check out Uri Korn's stuff when he shows with our friends:
Hamburger Eyes at
Steven Wolf Fine Arts
that same night.


Friday, September 15th, 2006
7:00pm - 10:00pm free art exhibition
10pm - 2:00am $5 afterparty at ONSIX Gallery

Art exhibition free of charge at each of the following seven spaces:

60 Sixth Street, SF

49 Geary Street Suite 411, SF

1035 Market Street

1007 Market Street

1045 Mission Street

34 Sixth Street

1035 Market Street


FRIDAY, SEPT. 8TH, 6-9pm
The LAB (2948 16th St. @ Capp)

Zefrey Throwell is part of group show curated by
Steven Wolf (Steven Wolf Fine Arts) and
Mike Arcega (Artist)
at The LAB in San Francisco.

He will be showing a video piece of his called:
Maidenhead Voyage into Dark Waters
It is a chronicle of 100 people recounting how the lost their virginity.
To see the trailer press:

Other people in the show:
Roger Bisbing, Marcus Civin, Yoon Cho, Nancy Elliot, Taro Hattori, Jesse Houlding, Peter Kimmel, Nicholas Knight, Steve Lambert, Frances McIlveen & Yuki Maruyama, Dan Nelson, Lindsey White, and Edmund Wyss

September 6-30, 2006
Gallery Hours: Wednesdays-Saturdays, 1-6 PM
Opening Reception: Friday, September 8th, 6-9 PM
Free Admission

Artists Talk moderated by Mike Arcega and Steven Wolf:
Wednesday, September 27th, 7 PM
$3-10 sliding scale admission

Please join us for The LAB's first-ever juried exhibition. This project invited artists to submit work that requires assembly. This phrase is open to interpretation--it can be read as a play on the word assemblage, that the artist needs to assemble his or her work in some way. It can also be read, perhaps with the writings of Alain Robbe-Grillet in mind, to suggest that the work must be assembled by the viewer in order to have meaning. A broad array of work in all media with diverse content, including both objects and performance, will be on view.

18 July 2006




Zefrey Throwell,

The Hide Gallery 131B Front Street
Santa Cruz, CA
Sun-Thurs 11am-8pm, Fri-Sat 11am-10pm.
tel 831-621-3939

Opening Reception: Friday August 4Th, 6:30-Midnight.
Closing Reception : Saturday 26Th, 6:30-10pm.

Work based on harsh realities of the grotesque and murderous,
accompanied by dark humor.

15 July 2006

"Facing West" at Tinhorn Public Works Gallery

"Facing West"

Opening: July 27th 2006 @ 5:30 - 8 pm
exhibition runs July 27th - September 4th

Tinhorn Public Works Gallery
511 Laguna St., San Francisco
Hours: Wed-Sun, 11:30 am - 7 pm

Catherine will be in this group show of portraits curated by Terry Chastain (Tinhorn Public Works) & Stephanie Donahue (Intersection for the Arts).

14 July 2006

Photo SF

"Photo SF"

July 21st - 23rd 2006
Photo San Francisco
Fort Mason Center/ Festival Pavillion, San Francisco, CA
Hours: Friday-Saturday 12 - 7 pm, Sunday 12 - 6 pm

Uri will have work at Steven Wolf Fine Arts' booth with Hamburger Eyes.